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Dyeing with reactive dyes

The dyes are, by definition, dyes that react chemically with the regenerated cellulose fiber, natural and artificial forms a bond "irreversible".

reactive dyes, on the market today, are grouped into different "sets" and have different dyeing behavior. The dyes are also distinguished into two main groups: - reactive hot - cold-responsive.

This distinction refers to factors related to both the substantivity, the reactivity of the dye is based on:

(T °) optimal absorption, which depends on:
- the maximum degree of depletion in the bathroom
- the greater the degree of diffusion-equalization on fiber
- the best degree of washability of the dye after dyeing hydrolyzed and noun present on the fiber

(T °) optimal fixation, which depends on:
- the maximum degree of fixation in the shortest time
- a lesser degree of alkaline hydrolysis
- most color rendering

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