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The exhaust procedure

'A process in which the yarn to be dyed is placed in the bath containing the dye and this system is a balance between fiber and dye. The more the dye is transferred to the fiber, the dye is the most "out" in the bathroom, to the point that there is no passage of dye from the bath to the fiber.

At this stage the dye on the fiber and the bathrooms are in balance. At the equilibrium point continues to spread the dye from the bath to the fiber, but an equal

amount back in the bathroom, as shown in the diagram. The phases that govern the mechanism of dyeing are:


Dye in Bath
Dye absorbed by the fiber
coloring that spreads

- absorption of the dye by the fiber - Dissemination of the dye within the fiber - equalization of the dye on the fiber - The fixing of the dye to the fiber phase immediately following its dyeing, dyeing for some classes is the elimination phase of the dye residue that is not attached to the fiber.

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