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Original site in Italian language, the translations are handled automatically by the program using Google translation

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Quite similar to the mercerization process as introduced by Mercer, that is, without tension, does not cause appreciable causticizing collection of material fact in some states there is even a slight lengthening due to absorption of caustic bath .

The causticizing is a treatment of textile finishing slightly higher intensity for the purge yarns and fabrics, it is useful to clean the cotton fiber, and give a slight improvement in dimensional stability, is used to particular to improve the dyeing affinity.

Normally using concentrations of 8 to 9 ° Bé where you get the higher elongation of the fiber. Up to a concentration of 9.5 ° Bé causticizing considering the caustic treatment carried out, as it does not change the physical state and the convolution of the fiber.

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