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Original site in Italian language, the translations are handled automatically by the program using Google translation

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Indanthrene Dyeing with vat dyes

vat dyes are an important class of dyes for dyeing dyeing of cellulosic fibers, because it can provide solid colors and even brilliant, with the exception of the range of reds.

Very solid

use and manufacture. They are mainly used to dye yarn in cellulose fibers, are not very low and the procedure applied on mesh fabric. the reason is due to difficulties in implementation


derived from plants dyeing (overflow or jet) that leave out of bathroom tissue, causing uncontrolled reactions and partial oxidation of the leuco-reduced.

The dye can still be performed by controlling the consumption of hydrosulfite to be added during the dyeing to maintain a constant reduction. To this end, recent evidence saturating dye insufflation with nitrogen part of the dyeing machine is not occupied by the bathroom, so as to replace the oxygen in the body, thus avoiding the phenomenon of oxidation of the leuco reduced.


sweaty in RB (1:10 to 1:20)

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