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Original site in Italian language, the translations are handled automatically by the program using Google translation

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The yarns on cones collected must be prepared for the mercerization of making hanks, this process is called reeling. Reeling in the cross-bar has a reciprocating motion and size is the space occupied by the hank so that the yarn is wound around the reel with the wires crossed over each other. The design parameters are the width of the coil, the angle of intersection of the wires, epoxy also define a taper of two sidewalls, to prevent the fall of the wires than the width of the planned hank.

The hank is tied with three or more ties or Bandoli, these should be of a material inert to hydroxide caustic bath used for mercerization, in order to avoid the bottleneck the hank.

The formation of the hanks must be provided to facilitate the addition of sodium hydroxide until the central parts of the hank.

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