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Mercerizing Process

Mercerizing Machine Extensa by ReggianiMacchine

The Mercerizing Process it 'a chemical-physical treatment applied to the polymer chain of cellulose fibers, such as cotton, linen, hemp and all their compositions where the cellulosic fibers are prevalent in the formation of the yarn.

- Chemical, exothermic chemical per serving in the cellulose chain through a caustic fluid

(preferably sodium hydroxide, but it is also possible with lithium hydroxide, potassium and other alkali metals).

-Physical, this reaction also causes a physical change in the permanent structure of cellulosic polymer. The Mercerizing Process applies

of cellulosic yarns (including fabrics), normally in the previous phase to the dye, the treatment changes the

structure of the fiber constituting the yarns. The artifacts in mercerized cotton, especially the yarn, take naturally features hypoallergenic, antibacterial and hygroscopic behavior, that absorb and scatter more in the air, the natural perspiration of the body. They have a better resistance to multiple washings keeping the colors bright and unchanged over time.

mercerizing treatment, are currently used in the form of caustic soda sodium hydroxide and wetting agents which facilitate the penetration of sodium hydroxide in fiber is the yarn.

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