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Technology finishing cellulosic natural fibers,

the industry standard yarn mercerization

Experience in Textile Technology of the yarns and fabrics

Mercerized and the process more difficult in the context Finishing yarns and fabrics. For successful applications in the qualitative results are required very different skills. The technology for mercerization, being fundamentally based on the process character of chemical / physical world involves knowledge related to the chemical, physical and mechanical.

About Us

For these reasons, engineers working for decades in the field of textile finishing and textile yarns, have combined their knowledge and experience to create this new site, with the objective of 'to be referenced in Textile Finishing. Any contribution to the development or deepening of the content is well accepted, please send your materials in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We want to support and reference to companies operating in the Textile Finishing especially for yarn mercerization, paying respect to all aspects of the production line.

Research & Development of Leading Edge Products

The objective pursued by means of accurate work of "Intelligence Technology" applied to the new frontiers of technology on the textile finishing yarns, developing novel systems for the markets.

Research & Development of Low Environmental Impact Productions

Reduction in energy consumption, operating in synergy with companies focused on pure research, investing in innovation and are committed to developing green chemistry, with particular attention to raw materials derived from renewable sources.



The companies with whom we worked

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