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Original site in Italian language, the translations are handled automatically by the program using Google translation



Hemp fiber is extracted by maceration of the shrub (Cannabis sativa) belongs to the family of Cannabinacee. It has the right rod tube that can reach a height of 5 m. Hemp is dioecious, that male and female plants present, the former are thin and slender and only give the fiber, the second



Linen is an annual plant of ancient cultivation, which is obtained from plants of the family of Linacee.La species cultivated for industrial purposes is the common linen (Linum usitatissimum), to erect and solitary, up from 70 to 100 cm. The blue flowers are transformed into spherical capsules, as big as a pea, and containing small seeds brown, shiny and flattened from where the oil and flour. Are extracted from the stem of the seedling filaments (lint or lime) tessile. The linen of great value consists mostly of lignified cellulose more than the cotton.



Cotton is the most widely used natural fibers and the largest non-food agricultural crops.

Cotton is grown in a range between 40 North latitude and 30 South latitude, giving an output of about 20 million tons of fiber over a range of 32 million hectares. The largest producers of cotton are China (4.3 million tons), the U.S. (almost 4.1 million), India (2.6 million), Pakistan (more than 1.4 million) and Uzbekistan with 1.2 million. These five countries account for about 13.6 million tons of fiber. The remaining quantities are produced in

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